Care & Maintenance

Now that you have that perfect piece of furniture you will need to show it some love to ensure it lasts the distance. Here are some simple guidelines to follow-

Timber care

Dust regularly with a cotton cloth

Wipe up spills immediately to protect lacquer finish.

Do not use cleaning products that contain silicone or concentrated chemicals.

Avoid placing your furniture near a fire-place, in direct sunlight or heating vents.

Alfresco furniture will require oiling to maintain integrity. Special directions will be supplied at sale.


Upholstery care

Includes but not limited to 100% cotton/blends, polyesters, linens and velvets.

Vacuum using low suction.

Spot clean with dry-cleaning solvents. Do not use household detergents, bleach or soap to clean this product.

Avoid placing in direct sunlight to reduce fading.

Annual dry cleaning is recommended.

Following specialised instructions if provided with the product.


Natural Fibre care

Includes Abaca fibre, Sarang Buaya, Rattan and Cane.

To avoid the accumulation of dust it is recommended to clean your wicker furniture regularly. Vacuum using the soft brush attachment.

For areas that are deeply soiled, clean with diluted soapy water and a small soft brush. Allow to dry thoroughly before using product.

It is not recommended that these products are used in areas where they are exposed to full weather.

It is recommended to annually apply an application of lacquer to strengthen fibres and prolong the product life.